Swim across the Straits of Gibraltar

One of the best ways to discover this incredible country is through trekking and mountain bike tours. Here we present a tour through the middle Atlas ending in the impressive Gorges of Todra. An experience that neither you nor your bike can miss.


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Fact Sheet 

  • Locate: Punta Cires (Morocco)
  • Date: To be confirmed
  • Site: sea
  • Distance: 15 km +/-
  • Departure: Punta Cires (Morocco)
  • Arrival: Isla Tarifa (Spain)
  • Limited number of participants: 40
  • Water temperature: 17ºC-21ºC

Must take into account…

Water temperature: It oscillates between 15 degrees in winter and 19 or 23 in summer.

Fog: In summer, especially in July and August, fog can form. The minimum visibility must be 5 miles.

Ship traffic: More than 300 ship across daily the Strait, in addition to ferries and others. The swimmer always has priority and the ships and other boats are diverted by the Maritime Rescue Centers of Tarifa and Tangier.

Currents: The swimmer will make the crossing with the current in favor and the course is modified depending on its direction to favor the swimmer. Even so, there may be stretches where it is necessary for the swimmer to increase his rhythm to get out of the “dangerous zone”. Otherwise, it runs the risk of drifting, being impossible to recover the course and reach the Moroccan coast.

Dizziness, vomiting, cramps: Ingestion of salt water, dehydration, fatigue, stress … can negatively influence the swimmer so you have to be well fed before and during the journey.

Trip Overview

Day 1

Marruecos Adventure manages and organizes the whole process of the crossing, it is the only one with the power to do it in all Morocco, and therefore, users respect their regulations.

The shortest distance between the two continents is approximately 15 km, from Punta Cires in Morocco to the island of Tarifa in Spain,

One of the biggest problems of this crossing are the currents that in many occasions reach more than 3 knots (5.5Km / hour). The current has often has one way from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean, so from time to time has a different current.

The departure time is established depending on the high tide or low tide, and is usually set a few hours before the high tide since the current is less strong when low.

The duration of the crossing depends on each owner and the maritime conditions. Thus, the swimmer should be prepared to swim between 4 and 7 hours.

How to register?

Fill out the form from our website, you receive the reply to confirm availability. Once confirm your place, you must send us the following documents:
  • A copy of your passport in force 6 months minimum.
  • A medical certificate for this kind of activities.
  • Copy of the insurance contract taken out to cover any risk deriving from this kind of activities.

Request more information about this trip

Whatsapp: +34 666 04 39 006

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Cost Per Person

The price of the crossing is of 2080 euros VAL included. It is also  included in this price all administrative procedure necessary for  the Moroccan authorities as well as Spanish one, and all the services of accommodation, internal transport of the port / airport of Tangier and preliminary training in group with the supervision of our technical team.
  • The rate:2080 euros VAT included.
  • Included transfert to the hotel

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