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We propose you an exceptional hunting trip in Morocco, in several areas of the country, Agadir, Taroudant or in the Atlas Beni Mellal, Afourar, Azilal and all the plain of Tadla, where it is possible to enjoy this wonderful environment and practice hunting diverse species such as: turtledove, partridge, hare, quail, pigeon and wild boar, always respecting the rules of the environment and especially rare species.


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If you are a teacher and you want to organize an unforgettable activity for your students, you are in the right place, if you are a student and want to live with your classmates a unique experience this is the perfect place, together we will plan the trip to suit you.

Choosing the type of trip, destination, dates, duration … is not an easy task, it is a group decision and sometimes this makes it more difficult. Get to work to be able to choose among the best options, benefit from discounts, and guarantee that you do it on the ideal date for your group.

Establish what budget you can have and together we will design an activity to suit you. We recommend that you all meet and elect an organizing committee, reducing the decision-making group will allow everything to be more fluid. This organizing committee should be the ones who provide you with all the necessary information and in turn establish possible financing channels.

We recommend you to put yourself in the hands of professionals, everything will be easier and safer, in the contracting of activities, visits, meals, transfers, insurance, etc …

We offer you countless active tourism activities in a multitude of locations and destinations that will leave you breathless, being specialized in the Andalusian destination but with extensive experience in national and international destinations.

Rafting, Canoeing, Multiadventure … These are some of the activities most demanded by our clients and that can not be missing in the planning of your end of the course.

If you are looking for a one-day activity, we can offer you a wide range of sports activities in full nature throughout the Andalusian geography adapted to your possibilities and if you are looking for a longer trip, we will advise you on your planning.

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